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Sourcing finance for property transactions

We advice clients on all aspects of project financing and re-financing, including sourcing senior debt, mezzanine finance, equity and long-dated fixed interest finance for commercial and residential property.

Fund creation, promotion and operation

Together with our joint-venture partner we advise on the promotion of funds – raising capital for a range of funds including Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes and acting as the Operator and Trustee for Limited Partnerships and feeder Unit Trusts.

Business and fund management

We have the expertise and resoureces to manage a range of business and fund structures – from traditonal property funds through to PFI Investments. We have been involved inthe creation and equity raising for a number of large property funds and family offices and have currently over 1 billion of assets under investment management.

Financial modelling

The financial modelling team provides bespoke solutions for institutional investors, property investment and development companies, private equity investors, corporates and public sector clients. The team consists of financial analysts dedicated to providing sophosticated Excel based models to support objective decision making. We have devised and built financial models for a wide variety of applications including :

  • The assessment of viability and returns for joint ventures, investment and development funds and Private Finance Initiatives.
  • Portfolio analysis and structured finance solutions including refinancing and debt/equity structuring.
  • Investment and development appraisals.